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About NFMG

Master Gardener Extension Volunteers are trained and certified by the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service. For more information about the UGA Extension Service and how to become a North Fulton Master Gardener click here.

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Our Community Impact

Community Impact Flower Click on image to see the Community Impact the North Fulton Master Gardeners made in 2023.


Featured Resources:

Native Plants for Georgia: Trees, Shrubs and Woody Vines

Native Plants for Georgia: Ferns

Native Plants for Georgia: Wildflowers

Native Plants for Georgia: Grasses and Sedges

Tree Planting Details

Basics of Pruning Woody Plants

Flowering Bulbs for Georgia Gardens

Vegetable Gardening Calendar

Chipmunk Control

Visit our Resources Page for Fulton County Office contact information. Or call the North Fulton UGA Extension Office: 404-613-7670


North Fulton Master Gardeners, Inc. is a Georgia nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose purpose is to educate its members and the public in the areas of horticulture and ecology in order to promote and foster community enrichment. NFMG assists The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension by providing unbiased horticultural information to Georgians through volunteer community service and educational gardening projects using applied research and the resources of The University of Georgia. NFMG Volunteers are trained and certified by The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension.

2024 Open Garden Days

"Demonstration gardens enhance our educational programming because they show real-life examples of how plants exist in our environment. They’re a great medium for storytelling and teaching, because they often come with their own histories, legacies, challenges and victories,” said Gabrielle LaTora, Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent in Fulton County. Six demonstration gardens around Fulton County showcase the labors of love by dedicated Master Gardener Extension volunteers. Click to find out more about Open Garden Days.

Speakers Bureau

North Fulton Master Gardeners are available to speak at your next virtual meeting or event on a multitude of topics. See a list of topics at our Speakers Bureau page. To request a speaker, contact Sandra Shave at

Garden Buzz

The North Fulton Master Gardens have been busy working on articles that are published in the family of newspapers owned by Appen Media. It is an ongoing project and has be very successful.

The columns are featured online on the Appen Media opinion web page and on an Appen Garden Buzz profile page at

You can also find the articles in the e-editions online at on Thursday of each week.

Community Classes

The North Fulton Master Gardeners in collaboration with the UGA Cooperative Extension in Fulton County provide horticultural education to the North Fulton community and beyond through FREE virtual gardening education programming. This series of classes is currently  available for viewing at

Please subscribe to the North Fulton Master Gardener YouTube Channel to learn when other classes are posted.  Find out more...

Demonstration Gardens And Projects

The North Fulton Master Gardeners develop and maintain several demonstration gardens. These gardens illustrate different plants and gardening techniques. They include shade gardens, rock gardens, wildflower meadows, historical gardens, herb gardens, and vegetable gardens.

They also work on various other projects within the North Fulton community. Find out more...

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