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Master Gardener Extension Volunteers are trained and certified by the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service. For more information about the UGA Extension Service and how to become a North Fulton Master Gardener click here.

Community Classes

The North Fulton Master Gardeners Announce the Fall 2022 Gardening Lecture Series

The North Fulton Master Gardeners in collaboration with the UGA Cooperative Extension in Fulton County are continuing to provide horticultural education to the North Fulton community and beyond through FREE virtual gardening education programming. This series of classes begins Sunday, September 11, 2022, and will be available through live Zoom webinars and Facebook Live. The classes will also be available for later viewing at

Each class emphasizes practical gardening activities at the time of year that is best suited for that activity. Please register in advance at to assure your place. You may register for all of the classes or just pick specific classes. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about how to join the webinar. If you cannot attend the live webinar, you can register anyway so you will receive a recorded link to the class. 

Latest News Release: The North Fulton Master Gardeners Announce Virtual Gardening Classes

Don't miss these incredible opportunities to learn more about gardening in metro Atlanta.

All About Roses

Live Zoom: Sunday, September 11 at 3:00 pm EST

Roses have long inspired countless poets, writers and artists with their elegant blooms and divine fragrance. They are some of the most beautiful and versatile garden plants and there's a rose for every garden. Join North Fulton Master Gardener Anila Nair to learn about the various types of roses and how to get the best out of them.



Make Thyme for Herbs in Your Garden

Live Zoom: Sunday, September 18 at 2:00 pm EST

Do you want to learn how to grow an awesome herb garden? Whether for food, medicine, seasonings or pleasant fragrances, North Fulton Master Gardener Robin Pollack will guide you as to the best Fall and Spring herbs, annuals, and perennials for a Southern Garden.


Fabulous Fall Fairy Gardens

Live Zoom: Saturday, October 1 at 3:00 pm EST

Learn how to create a fall fairy garden for your yard or porch. North Fulton Master Gardener Marty Thomas will demonstrate various fairy garden projects that you can do with children using a variety of materials.



Gardens of the North Fulton Master Gardeners: Finding Gardening Inspiration through Shared Ideas

Live Zoom: Sunday, October 9 at 2:00 pm EST

North Fulton Master Gardener Sandra Shave will showcase the gardens of four Master Gardeners, with the goal of providing gardeners with ideas and inspiration that they can bring to their own home gardens. The class provides an overview of what might be possible and elements of garden design. The class will demonstrate that gardening is as varied as your individual creativity and the fun is in the discovery, the failures, and the success.



In response to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, the North Fulton Master Gardeners went virtual with our pre-recorded Fall 2020 Gardening Lecture Series. The 2021 David Gibby International Master Gardener Search for Excellence (IMGSFE) Awards have recognized the North Fulton Master Gardeners for our efforts in the face of a global pandemic in successfully providing horticultural education to the North Fulton community and beyond through virtual webinar technology. The First Place Award in the Workshops/Presentations Category was made on September 15, 2021, during the virtual International Master Gardener Conference. View our video at

All Fall 2020 classes were recorded and can be viewed on the Fall 2020 Gardening Lecture Series playlist which includes "Hydrangeas - How to Plant, Grow, and Prune" with Master Gardener Linda Cline, "Gardening in the Shade" and "Fragrant Gardens for All Seasons" with Master Gardener Carole MacMullan, "Create A Fall Vegetable Garden" with Master Gardener George Scesney, "Top Ten Lawn Care Mistakes" with Master Gardener Ben Whitley, "Vermicomposting" with Master Gardener Kathie Lunsford, "All About Bulbs! Bulbs for all Seasons" and "How to Create a Bulb Lasagna Container Garden" with Master Gardener Donna Whitesel, "Winter Interest Plants" with Marlysa Raye-Jacobus, and "Holiday Wreath-making with Plants from the Garden""Mailbox Holiday Decoration with Plants from the Garden", and "Decorating Your Mantel for the Holidays" with Master Gardener Judy Peacock.

The Spring 2021 Gardening Lecture Series transitioned to Live Zoom webinars and were also streamed to Facebook Live. The Spring playlist includes Spring Vegetable Gardening with Master Gardener George Scesney, “Growing Lavender” with Master Gardener Rebecca Pinckney, Right Tree! Right Place! with Master Gardener Tom Redmon, Hosta- A perfect Addition to Your Shade Garden” with Master Gardener Carole MacMullan, “Lawn Care for Spring and Summer in Atlanta” with Master Gardener John Kligora, “Big Trees of Sandy Springs” with Master Gardener Katherine Coppedge, “Establishing and Growing Perennials” with Master Gardener Donna Whitesel, “Attracting Wildlife and Detracting Critters” with Master Gardener Marlysa Raye-Jacobus, “Native Schmative! What's the Big Deal? “ with Master Gardener Paula Lindsey, and “Spring Vegetable Planting Demonstration” with Master Gardener Robin Pollack.

The Fall 2021 Gardening Lecture Series were streamed through Zoom and Facebook Live. The Fall 2021 playlist includes "Fall Lawn Care in Atlanta" with Master Gardener John Kligora, "Fall Vegetable Gardening" with Master Gardener George Scesney, "ABC’s of Fall Gardening" with Master Gardener Carole MacMullan, "Landscaping Lessons Learned!" with Master Gardener Michael Snow, "Winter Vegetable Planting Demonstration" with Master Gardener Robin Pollack, and "Fun Garden Projects to do with your Kids" and "Cool Season Flowers Beyond Pansies" with Master Gardner Donna Whitesel.

The Spring 2022 playlist includes "Composting at Home" with Master Gardener George Scesney, "Pruning and Maintaining Shrubs" with Master Gardener Willis Lanier, "Protecting Georgia's Pollinators" with Fulton County Extension Agent Melissa Mattee Murphy, "All About Plant Toxins" with Master Gardener Linda McGinn, "Lawn Alternatives for a Healthier Environment" with Master Gardeners Paula Lindsey, Tom Redmon and Sandra Shave, and "Intro to Hydroponics: Learning the Basics to Enjoy Growing Without Soil" with Master Gardener Ian Matthes.

Over the past two years, more than 24,000 people have viewed the NFMG Gardening Lecture Series, including 5,000 who hae viewed the classes LIVE through Zoom webinars or Facebook, and an additional 19,000 who viewedd the recorded classes on the NFMG YouTube channel.

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